​Workshops are held several times a year to hone writing skills and discuss ways to market a book once it's published.

Club members also challenge themselves with assignments designed to test their writing skills while having fun. Writing challenges of 500 words or less feature topics such as "An Unforgettable Person" or "Taking a Risk."  Short challenges may require writing a two-sentence horror or detective story or the ending to a novel. The Club awards its traveling "Darn Good Writer" giant pencil trophy to add to the fun.


Sun City Anthem is an active adult community with fairs, festivals, and club events held every month. Anthem Authors participate and sell their books to the community and public through these events.

The annual Club Fair in May and Holiday Fair in early December are perfect times to pick up a signed copy of Anthem Authors' books for that special gift.


Anthem Authors regularly invites guest speakers to share their expertise with the members on topics such as writing a screenplay, creating interesting dialogue, and tips for getting published. If you have an interest in speaking to the group, please contact us at


Small critique groups of four to five members meet bi-weekly for in-depth editing of each other's work. Supportive with a critical eye, each member provides a valuable service to those who ready their work for submission to professional editors, agents, and publishers.


is a writers' club founded by Helene Moore in 1990 in Sun City Anthem, Henderson, Nevada. It forms the base from which resident authors hone their craft and nurture ideas for future writing projects. Award-winning and commercially successful authors have developed their craft in the group.

The club's goal is to foster an interest in writing, to inspire, and to be inspired by the creativity of its members.


Daryll Ann Sulliman, program director for the Republican Club, author Andrew Carroll, and Anthem Authors' president Robert Turtle and Suzanne Arnona, Republican Club President and Anthem Author. Andrew is currently embarking on the “Million Letters Campaign” to seek out and preserve at least 1,000,000 war-related correspondences from every conflict in U.S. history. He spoke to a Sun City audience co-sponsored by the clubs in September.

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Award-winning author, Robert Murphy, at the May, 2017, Club Fair.


Anthem Authors is more than a writers' club. Through the sharing of memoirs, personal travails, and imaginative narrative, special bonds form among the members. As one member put it, "This is the only club meeting I look forward to each week and won't miss."


Every Tuesday afternoon members gather to read excerpts from works in progress and provide feedback to each other. Readings include fiction and non-fiction and cover genres from memoirs and mystery to science fiction and humor. Guests are welcome to attend and learn about membership in the club.