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MaryAnn Unger

The fifth in the Amazon best-selling Matti James Mystery Series by MAR Unger will be in print  this summer. Cathy's World focuses on an aging child star neighbor of Matti's.  Cathy's behavior waivers between the dramatic and dementia. After all, what sane woman would bury her husband in the back yard? Yet, Matti is determined to prove someone is out to kill Cathy. If Matti gets in the way, she'll also wind up dead.

Elizabeth Williams-Medhus
Beth is continues to work on a family memoir of her parents’ immigration from Hungary to Canada during the Great Depression. 

Projects in the works.....

Robert Lee Murphy

is the recipient of the Will Rogers Bronze Medallion Award for Eagle Talons. His next book,Bear Claws, The Iron Horse Chronicles–Book Two, was released in November .

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Sharron Grodzinsky
With nowhere to run from the Mara Salvatrucha gang in Honduras, Javier Salazar and his little sister, Ana, set out on a perilous journey to find their mother in America. Traveling on La Bestia, the train of death, they quickly learn how treacherous riding the train is. Along their harrowing journey, they endure incredible hardships and danger and wonder if they will ever make it across the border. They develop close friendships with other migrants and encounter gang members who care nothing for the lives of those traveling through their country, except to rob, extort and rape them. It is a dangerous journey, and one that many do not complete. Javier and Ana risk everything, including their lives to reach the promised land.

D.N. "Scotty" Curran

The  Trial of Andre Moussad

Murders in a French town after WWII make unlikely allies of a police detective and a museum caretaker.

The Vatican's Avenger
An Irish parish priest is sent from Ireland to the Vatican. In the political wing of the Church, his task is to rescue escaped prisoners or war and Italian Jews. To complicate matters, the priest falls in love with of his assistants, an Italian Countess.

Patricia Rusch Duffey

Gwen-In Her Own Words

Growing up in the Depression, Gwen and her family made their way from Nebraska to Oregon. She kept journals which she shared with Patty to bring them to life for her children and grandchildren.


This novel features a lead character who solves puzzles and makes decisions based on the images in her dreams.

Robert Turtle
Club President Robert Turtle is working on the third volume of his Beasts of the Open Space series. It's an ecological fantasy about how prehistoric animals live in harmony with their environment or not. He hopes it will be ready for Earth Day in 2018.